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2007-07-21 00:28:11 by Rutz

-Header - By me.
-Picture - Trippy me.
-Sig - by Tonkpils666

Just getting used to the redesign.


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2007-07-21 11:07:06

Dont worry, ive got quite used to the new redesign now, its a bit of a pain if you`ve only just logged on from about 2 weeks ago, because its all changed now. Anyway, i quite like the new redesign, new icons and better graphics and stuff all laid-out nicely to work like it should work.

doberman7 (please reply)

Rutz responds:

Thanks for the comment. I didn't expect anyone to comment my page. And yeah, I'm used too it now. It does look very smooth and cleaner. And yeah, it did take some getting used to. But all in all it turned out great.

- Rutz


2007-07-25 21:04:37


Rutz responds:

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