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In prduction!

2007-12-17 22:22:02 by Rutz

Some sort of sniping game. 20% done.
Music video for the song Meds by Placebo. 15% done.
Some other random halfassed piece of shit. uhh -4% done?
Err, maybe a stop motion or claymation, if I feel like it. 0% done. :]
I'm sure i can fit a platformer in there also. You know that sounds fun. Imma start on that. 0.1% done.

I dunno, I've been pretty busy with school and what not. And I've just been getting back into animation. So yeah, well I'm sure you all want me out of your hair. So yeah. Uhh. Maybe an update in a week or two? Hmm, maybe. I dunno, Haven't really been on Newgrounds since like school started. So I guess I can try and fit some time into it.




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2008-04-12 20:06:55

noone cares

Rutz responds:

nigga yous a bluff.